About Neal's Natural

Where it all began...

Our Journey

Approximately 30 years ago our journey began. Initially keeping bees was a hobby for the Neal family, however it came with a lot of learning experiences especially keeping bees in Northern Ontario where many obstacles such as colony survival were encountered. After a long journey of establishing a strong understanding of how to keep bees, we were then fortunate enough to yield natural honey and beeswax which was something that we took a lot of pride in. Providing friends and family with fresh natural honey gave us so much joy that we wanted to distribute our product to our community. This is why The Neal’s have decided to launch Neal’s Natural, so that we can share our pride and joy with you!

Neal’s Natural aims to provide fresh, natural, and affordable products that also helps support the honeybee population. Neal’s Natural products will also support the environment by building our apiary and educating the public on the importance of pollinators. By using the honey and beeswax that our honeybees are producing we not only support healthy honeybee colony growth but also provide natural products that have many healing benefits and in turn help the environment. Beekeeping has always been a passion of the Neal family and has become something that we would like to share with not only our community but those who have an interest in supporting sustainable products and the honeybees.

Where we are now!